About Us

First Taekwondo offer classes in Taekwondo, self-defense and fitness.  It is our experience that parents are seeking structured activities for their children to participate in after school and on the weekends. Taekwondo offers a physical release for the children as well as teaches them discipline and respect, which parents can’t find in many other extra-curricular activities.

For the adults, Taekwondo is excellent exercise and a stress reliever.  It also brings some peace of mind to women in particular in this violent world we live in, teaching them self-defense and assuredness that they can protect themselves.

First Taekwondo has arranged special programs targeted to the individuals’ age and/or training needs.  In order for each student to have the best experience, specific programs will be offered throughout the week.


Junior Dragons

kids class

Little Warriors:  Ages 5-7 years

  • Activities that encourage basic physical skills like:
  • Coordination, balance and following directions
  • Skills that develop major muscle groups
  • Firm discipline through consistent enforcement of clearly defined rules
  • Encourage effort and cooperation more than results

Junior Dragons:  Ages 8-12 years

  • Activities like light kicking to disperse aggression
  • Small group games with simple rules
  • Strict limits on acceptable behavior
  • Appoint helpers and leaders for each class to encourage leadership
  • Teach skills in more detail with higher difficulty levels
  • Contests and games that yield several winners
  • Encourage responsible behavior and goal setting
  • Provide opportunities for self-directed learning

Traditional Taekwondo

Adults class

Traditional Taekwondo: Adult

  • Conditioning and stretching exercises in every class
  • Self Defense as a part of the normal curriculum
  • Complex kicking and hand techniques
  • Taekwondo and martial arts philosophy

Total Endurance Fitness: Adult

  • Less emphasis on traditional Taekwondo
  • Uses martial arts elements for a more exciting physical workout
  • Increase stamina and coordination
  • Improve flexibility
  • Weight loss and overall fitness

Demo team

    Personal Invitation Only

    • For the top representatives of First Taekwondo and the Nevada Taekwondo Team. Ask about the Demo Team!


      Competition Team

      • High level Olympic Taekwondo Sparring and Poomsae Forms

      Competition Team