Master Ron Tanner (6th dan)

Master Ron Tanner is the Owner + Chief Instructor at First Taekwondo and the Director of Nevada Taekwondo at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Throughout his involvement in the sport over the past 30 years, he consistently demonstrates teaching classes that are positive and high-energy as he encourages students to strive to do their best on the mat, at home, and in their lives.

He has lived in the Reno area for twenty years and is active in many aspects of our community. He was also inducted into the 2010 Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Florida. Master Tanner is a certified World Changmookwan Taekwondo International Instructor.


Wyatt tanner (3rd Dan)

Wyatt is an instructor and a native to Reno. He graduated from Galena High School in the spring of 2017 and has been at First Taekwondo for over 10 years. Wyatt received his First Dan Black Belt in January of 2011 and acted as Assistant Instructor for three years, receiving his 2nd Dan in January 2013.

Wyatt is a nationally ranked competitor and has been competed in tournaments throughout the country.


Assistant Instructors

Chu-Lan McKinlay  (1st Dan)

Chu-Lan McKinlay (1st Dan)